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What Did We Learn This Month? @Shape_Magazine with Ciara on the Cover! 21


What Did We Learn This Month?


September 2015

Ciara photographed by James Macari

Ciara photographed by James Macari

Shape Cover Star for September 2015:

R&B pop star Ciara is on the cover looking fierce as she should because the woman worked out three hours a day for four months (really!) to lose the 60 pounds she gained after giving birth to her son Future in May 2014.

Now, the teacher & trainer in me wants to cry out ‘that’s too much stress on your body!” However—she is adult and that is her choice. So I will respect the fact she works in show business and has to look her best all of the time no matter what. (Oh patriarchal culture—be gone!)

Ciara likes boxing most of all for exercise and listens to entire albums and not singles for her workout playlist. (Madonna’s Hard Candy is a big favorite.) Her personal trainer is Gunnar Peterson who works with just about all of the biggest celebrities in the world.

I think this is my favorite shot of her inside the magazine.


Fun fact about Ciara–she’s “only 5’7” tall. Everyone assumes she is over six feet but nay!)

What else is in this issue of Shape?

Versa Workout

Have you seen a piece of cardio equipment called the VersaClimber? You climb on and adjust the handles and resistance to get a full body workout in a short amount of time. Shape features a workout for the VersaClimber that can burn up to 370 calories in just 22 minutes.

 Shape Versa Workout 001

“Gear with Guts”

I am not exactly and “rough and tumble” kind of gal. (The thought of participating in a mud run terrifies me.) On the other hand,  I love toting around bad-ass looking gear and this page suited me just fine. The GoPro Hero camera in particular gives me the “I wants!”

Shape gear with guts 001

Brett Hoebel Workout

I don’t want to make y ’all jealous but I had the opportunity two summers ago to interview Brett Hoebel for Fit Bottomed Girls and he was really cool. Brett is a kick ass instructor (you probably know him best from The Biggest Loser) and he created a quick “do-anywhere” workout here that you can just knock out just about—well, anywhere.

Shape inside workout 001
And now the rest of the best of this issue of Shape:

  • “Breathe Your Way Better” Shape offers advice on how to gain more energy and mental clarity by learning to breathe better. (Yes, you just might be breathing incorrectly!)
  • “Play Dirty” So I may not been very rough and tumble but let’s say you are and you want to try an obstacle course run just for poops and giggles. You will need the check list on what to bring created in this feature to send you on your way.
  • “Get Slim Without the Gym” All sorts of outdoor workouts are featured in this section which covers sandy environments hilly places and those of you who are somehow surrounded by lots of stairs.

Follow Shape magazine online at:

Overall Grade:

A I really enjoyed this issue as it had tons of workout pages and good advice. Win/win people!

(If you are reading this on a different site or a different feed than Brooklyn Fit Chick, it has been taken without permission.)

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What Did We Learn This Month? @FitnessMagazine with Padma Lakshmi on the Cover! 2

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Fitness: November/December 2013

Padma Lakshmi photographed by Jeff Olsen

Padma Lakshmi photographed by Jeff Olson


What Do We Learn This Month in Fitness?

Padma Lakshmi

The impossibly stunning host of Bravo’s Top Chef graces the cover of the November/December issue and she gives fitness the inside dirt on her dining career. While filming episodes of the top-rated culinary series the former model admits that all of the sampling and tasting can cause her to gain 15 pounds per season. So how does she take it off when filming is done? She follows a clean diet meaning “no meats, no sweets, no alcohol, no cheese, no fried foods, no wheat.”

Padma also talks about staying fit for her three year-old daughter and shares her own recipe for spinach and plum salad. (Nom nom!)


“Shortcut to a Sexy Back”

The very blonde and very shimmery Tracy Anderson (trainer of Gwyneth Paltrow among other glamazons) offers this pretty cool workout to help get your back and rear get in shape. (Be prepared to use light weights and do high reps!)


Tracy Anderson in Fitness Magazine 001


“Bright Ideas”

Is everyone ready for a fun, colorful holiday gift guide? Me, me me! (I want that “Queen of the Mountain Jacket” from Athleta if anyone out there cares to know. Anyone, anyone?)


Gift Guide 001


“Go With the Flow”

Celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel (The Biggest Loser, Season 11) is a big fan of the Brazilian martial art Capoeira (I only know that from interviewing him for Fit Bottomed Girls!) Here he offers slight adjustments to those very dance-y/boxer-y moves to help get you in fighting shape.


Go With the Flow 001

And now the rest of this issue of Fitness:

  • “Outrun Danger” Yikes! Be careful people! You can be a top athlete (like triathlete Jenny Fletcher featured in this story) and have blood clot issues. Here we get tips on the symptoms of blood clots and how to prevent them.
  • “Pay Fit Forward” Awwww, these stories of fit women inspiring one another to get healthy made me really happy.
  • “Rise and Shine!” One year ago I committed to getting more sleep every night and it has changed my life. Fitness offers their own tips and advice on how to get a few more ZZZ’s.

Overall Grade:

A- Can’t wait to see you all in 2014! (Oh no—is it that just around the corner?!)

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What Did We Learn This Month! @WomensHealthMag with @ElizabethBanks on the Cover! 3

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Women’s Health: September 2013

Elizabeth Banks photographed by James White

Elizabeth Banks photographed by James White

Women’s Health Cover Star for September 2013: 

Elizabeth Banks is on the cover of both the front and back of the magazine as this is their annual “Fall Fashion Special.” Whoo hoo!

Elizabeth seems like such a warm and nice person who just happens to be a successful actress. She has been with her husband all of her adult life and they have two boys together under the age of three-wow!

Her next film will be The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which comes out in November and the trailer alone is making me giddy. (My inner 12 year-old is dying to see it!)

The interview in this issue lists “23 intriguing things” about the actress including the fact she has 1.2 million followers on Twitter (@ElizabethBanks,) is a big fan of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and stays slender by splitting  one appetizer and one entrée with her husband when they go out to eat (which completely bums me out.)

Here is a photo of Elizabeth in a New wave-inspired from the back cover.


Back Cover Elizabeth Banks Womens Health 001

So what else is in the September issue of Women’s Health

“Take the Women’s Health Chin-Up Challenge”

Just today someone in my Bootcamp class asked me if “girls can do chin-ups”—this was from a grown woman. Grrrrr. Anyhoo, Women’s Health is offering their own six-week plan. You can follow the editors on Twitter at the “ChinupChallenge” hashtag.

Pull ups 001

 Flour Power”  

Want to learn the difference between almond flour, quinoa flour, barley flour and more? Check out this page!

Flour Power 001

“Cardio Redifined”

Whether you love nothing more than a high-intensity aerobics or would rather lift weights—trainer Brett Hoebel has a plan here for you to get your heart beating.

Cardio Redefined 001

“15-Minute Workout”

Trainer Alli McKee has a workout here that will get your gams in shape.

 15 minute workout 001

And now the rest of the best of this issue of Women’s Health:

  • “Is Aspirin the New Wonder Drug” Women’s Health looks into the benefits taking aspirin.
  • “Diet-Friendly Drive Thrus” Not sure I buy the concept of eating anything from a fast food place. (I worked at one when I was 16!)
  • “I Survived A Shipwreck at Sea” Amazing true story about a woman (Kate Suski) who survived being stranded in the ocean for over 14 hours. Yikes!

Overall Grade:

A-! So much here to enjoy though funnily enough the fashion pages were not my favorite this time. Normally I like their style pages. Oh well, maybe next month?

You can check out Women’s Health online as well:


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 39 @SweatyBetties @BexLife, Reggie Bush, @BrettHoebel @DosCaminos @OxygenMagazine 15

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 39

Featuring: Fun with Sweaty Betties, The Biggest Loser’s Brett Hoebel, MISSION Endura Cool Gear, Reggie Bush and

Sad News about Oxygen magazine

Sweaty Betties & Social Academy Madison Square Park NYC

Sweaty Betties & Social Academy Madison Square Park NYC



Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I am back to my regular Blog schedule and happy to be reporting back to all of you. (Woo hoo!) This past week has brought so much unexpected fun that I am not sure where to start. So how about I begin with how my week started, shall I?

This past Monday I woke up to find out via e-mail that Danny J. of The Sweaty Betties (I am an ambassador for them) was not only flying into NYC from Dallas that very afternoon on behalf of The Sweaty Betties business but that she was also planning on staying with me! Yikes! After doing a quick, panicked run around my apartment to make sure it was semi-hospitable for my lovely house guest (this was the first time we met in person) I decided to give up some of my long held phobias about having company over (fearing of judgment is a big deal for me) and embrace the unexpected.

Turns out Danny J. is just about as warm, friendly and fun as a person can possibly be. My cats loved her (which is the BIG test) and I was given the rare privilege to show her how to use the NYC subway system which she took to it right away. Goo Danny!  Follow her on Twitter @SweatyBeitties

While Danny was bopping around New York she brought along with her the tall, gorgeous and immeasurably cool Rebekah Borucki of Bex who came over and hung out at my place for a spell Tuesday afternoon. (Honestly—Blogging about health & fitness has given me the opportunity to meet the best people in the world!) You can (and really must) follow on Twitter @BexLife.

On Wednesday Danny & Bex set up a get together of women from all over the East Coast (#NextLevelNYC) who have either belonged to the Sweaty Betties in the past or just completed The Social Academy (which I may just have to try out when it starts up again.)

On an unbelievably perfect day we met in Madison Square Park and let me say these are just some of the coolest women I have met in my life (I keep saying that, don’t I?)

Next Level

After a quick yoga/plank competition in the park a group of us had a mighty fine time at Dos Caminos where I sat with a group of Latina women who explained to me the number of names I have mispronounced over the years (I took French—get off my back!)

Outside Dos Caminos

Outside Dos Caminos

(Me with the incredible Danny J. One of us has experience posing effectively on camera. Guess which one?)


Madison Square Park #NextLevelNYC

(Me and the lovely Mariette of Namaste Mari with a special photo bomb by Amber of!)

Now it’s time for me to introduce my Vlog post for this week. Among the highlights:

Now let’s check out today’s Vlog post!

That’s it for me this week folks. Talk to you all next week!!

Ox Ox,


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Fitness “Meet & Tweet” Recap! @FitnessMagazine @roccodispirito @DrJAshton @FitBottomedMama 10

Fitness “Meet & Tweet” NYC

Highlights of Blogger Extravaganza Including:

Top Editors from Fitness, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Rocco DiSpirito

Plus, More Fit Bloggers Than You Can Shake a Stick At!


Fitness meet and teet brochure 001

Hey All!

Recently I enjoyed a day of fun, fitness, health and good cheer with some of the most amazing people in the Blogosphere with Fitness magazine’s second annual “Blogger Meet & Tweet” which was held this year at the fancy, schmancy Mercedes Club in New York City.

Throughout the morning we were treated to some interesting panel discussions featuring Fitness editors along with celebrity guests for a variety of topics.

Check out the view!

We were treated to a lovelier than expected day where we sat outside and got our collective learning on.
Fitness editor in chief Betty Wong was on hand to greet all Bloggers plus send us off to collect our loot (more on THAT later.)

Betty Wong

Betty Wong

There was a panel discussion featuring the top Bloggers in health & wellness including:

This panel discussion was moderated by Fitness digital editor Christine Griffin and provided all sorts of inspiration for us would-be money making Bloggers. (Not that I do it for the money…)

fitness Event 2

In fact, Erin even though Erin I work for the same company (I am a NYC contributor to Fit Bottomed Girls) this was the first we chance we got to give each other a hug. (Hey again Erin!)

Me and Erin Whitehead FBM

I think my favorite segment was when Fitness health editor Lisa Haney talked about women’s health issues with Jennifer Ashton, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. who was ready to discuss everything from Angelina Jolie’s decision to get a double mastectomy to the importance of birth control pills. She was so interesting!

Dr Ashton and Me

So, of course, I had to run over and get my picture taken with her. (Just so you know I am 5’ 7”—this woman is a TALL drink of water!)

Also on hand were The Biggest Loser trainer Brett Hoebel who talked about the latest trends in “extreme fitness” and celebrity makeup artist Sarah Lucero who showed us how to stay gorgeous in the upcoming summer, sweaty months.

My favorite part of the day was watching my friend Mariette of Namaste Mari get totally gaga for Rocco DiSpirito. How cute do they look together by the way?

Mariette and Rocco

The “Meet & Tweet” was the perfect chance to catch up with friends like Jess,  Erica Sara, Patty Aziaga and my home girl Toni of Running Living Loving (below) as we are all too busy running around and never have time to catch up in person.

(Two Long Island chicks just hanging out, know what I mean?)

Toni and Me

So did I mention the goodie bag?

Well here is what it looked like coming home:

Goodie Bag

And this is how it looks when I tried to go through it:

Inside goodie bag

Among the items I received that day:

Whew! It was quite a day and I can NOT wait until next year so I can see what Fitness has in mind for us humble Bloggers.

And remember, you can be sure to check out Fitness magazine at

Ox ox,

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