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Brooklyn Fit Chick Interview:

New York Sports Club’s Amira Lamb

 Holistic Hottie

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

It’s been a while since I was given the chance to interview a fellow group fitness instructor when New York Sports Club told me that there was a Star Wars themed class in Brooklyn—I had to do find out the details. They are running a few promotions at New York Sports Club in case you want to check them out at

What is your name?

Amira Lamb

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Amherst, MA but have been living in Brooklyn, NY since 2001.

How many years have you been teaching?

I’ve been leading group exercise classes since 1994!

What classes do you teach for NYSC?

I teach BURN, Total Body Conditioning, Cardio Kickboxing, and a class based on the Star Wars movies called “Awaken Your Inner Force”.

What is the Star Wars Workout?

The workout came about after Disney/Lucasfilms contacted us at NYSC to develop a class based on the Star Wars movies. We bring elements like The Force, light sabers, and the athleticism of the Jedi into the fitness studio. We start class by tapping into “The Force” (which I would compare to energy or chi) with focused breathing and rhythmic dynamic movements. Then we do some light saber work including a face-off where the class is divided in two sections.

From here we move into 3 to 4 circuits that are time-based. Each circuit consists of 4 exercises. The first exercise incorporates the light saber such as the Chewbacca Chop. The second exercise is floor work using our own bodyweight as resistance and gliding discs such as the Padawan Push Up.

The third exercise is series of martial arts-based kicks. The fourth exercise in done for 90 seconds and it might be something like a Lightsaber Leap, Lightsaber Burpee, or Jedi Jacks. We actively recover from each high-intensity circuit by tapping back into The Force with focused breathing. To finish off the class we do Ab work with the lightsaber and then the Yoda Flow which is based on Tai Chi. The class was a lot of fun to develop!

How has the response been to it?

People love it and every class has been packed. The response has been so positive that we’ve extended the run of the class another two weeks at the New York clubs!

What is your favorite workout?
That is a really tough question to answer. I love strength training on my own because it’s almost meditative. It’s when I can completely focus on ME. I get to focus on how I want to strength and mold my body. It’s absolutely empowering. I also LOVE leading classes like cardio kickboxing and Total Body Conditioning because a lot of the time, I DO the classes with my class.

What is your advice to workout newbies to stay motivated?

Explore different workouts to see what YOU like. Find something that makes you feel fantastic physically and mentally. You want to find something that hooks you. Find something that you look forward to doing either because of how it makes you feel during or afterwards.

If you tend to stick to things when you have a “partner in crime” – find your workout partner, keep each other accountable and have fun with it.

If data is something that motivates you – the list of fitness apps and gadgets options is never ending. I’m a huge fan of the FitBit. For people who just want to up their activity level in the number of steps they take each day or week – you can create Challenges within the app with up to about 10 of your friends.

Thank you Amira! May the force Stay With You! You can follow her on her website here!

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What Did We Learn This Month? Fitness Magazine July/August Issue 2

What Did We Learn This Month?


July/August 2014

Fitness Magazine/Cover model Kathy Leutner photographed by Jeff Olson

Fitness Magazine/Cover model Kathy Leutner photographed by Jeff Olson

What Do We Learn This Month in Fitness?

 “Game Time”

Trainer Melissa Morin created Adult Summer Camp class for the New York Sports Club and offered a few workouts you can do to mimic “playtime” on your own. (Love the “Surfer’s Paddle” move!)

Express Workout 001


“Pump Up Your Run”

Fitness asked DJ Whoo Kid for his picks for a playlist that will help you fun faster and longer.

Run Playlist 001



“The Fit Girl’s Getaway Time”

Looking for a place to vacay that requires a little more out of you than some sunblock and a fruity cocktail? (That has to be true for someone out there, right?) Check out these ideas for taking your week off with some fun sweat sessions included.

Getaway Guide 001



“Amazing Abs”

Trainer Anna Kaiser is super-hot these days with a reputation for helping her students get long lean frames and here we get a few of her moves that target your abs.

Crunch-Free Abs Moves 001


And now the rest of this issue of Fitness:

  • “The Proper Way to a Plank” I teach these several times per week but am always looking for new ways to describe how to actually perform a plank. Check out this guide on page 99.
  • “Ace Your Race” Whether or you’re a hardcore runner looking to up your speed or a beginner looking tackle your first 5K—this guide will help you.
  • “Too Healthy For Your Own Good?” I know some folks have a hard time taking even one day off from their workout or veering from their diet in the slightest—but compulsive behavior can take over your thinking and cause bigger problems later. Signs on accessing how “addicted” you really might be.


Overall Grade:

A!  Throw this issue into your beach bag and stay inspired for the summer. (Go ahead and enjoy a fruity cocktail while you are at it!)

You can follow Fitness magazine at

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