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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #97

Tips for Your First Hot Yoga Class, the New Look of SELF, Book Vs Movie Twitter Chat

Plus: Skinny Green Smoothies eBook Giveaway!

You can win this eBook!

You can win this eBook!

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

This week I want to talk about “Hot Yoga Tips,” SELF magazine’s new direction, my first Twitter chat and a cool smoothie eBook that you can win today. Let’s get to it!

  • Hot Yoga Tips Fit Bottomed Girls: I attended my first hot yoga class last year at Modo Yoga NYC and loved how much longer and leaner I felt afterwards. (Though the heat is murder on my frizz-tastic hair!) Anyhoo—the experience gave me the inspiration to write Tips for Your First Hot Yoga Class for Fit Bottomed Girls and I appreciate any Tweets and shares y’all can give me for it. (Thanks in advance!)
  • The New Look of SELF: Last March the editor in chief of SELF was fired which was unpleasant for everyone involved. So the folks at Condé Nast decided that their only fitness-centric pub should go in a whole new direction with former Cosmopolitan Executive Joyce Chang. Chang does not have a health/fitness editorial background so she has given SELF a makeover which you can read about at Fashionista, Jezebel and BET. The October issue features a beautiful model on the cover (Joan Smalls) as they celebrate “The Best Bodies in the World.” It’s very—um, fashion-centric and certainly a glammed-up version of SELF. It looks gorgeous which is a HUGE improvement upon the look of the magazine in the last year which was dog sh*t.

(However, I am reserving judgment on whether I will return to reviewing them monthly (I gave up last November as the editorial went down the “20-something only” crap hole) because this issue is a little too frou-frou and chic for my personal taste. Perhaps Joyce Chang just wants to show her classier direction and will incorporate more workouts in the future issues? I hope so but will wait until the next month before I make my decision. Good luck SELF—you look a HELL OF A LOT better. Now bring on more fitness articles!)

  • Book vs. Movie Twitter Chat: I participated in my very first Twitter chat this week in support of the Book vs. Movie podcast and it was about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on! (I won’t swear I went braless…) The best part of the chat (which you can follow here) was getting suggestions from the Twitter peeps on the books that have been adapted to film that we should cover. Now—let me be clear—no way do I plan to read Great Expectations. But the other suggestions were pretty amazing. SO—if you have been reading all of these bullet points diligently and have not just scanned them—please give me some suggestions below in the comments on what books YOU want Margo P. and me to cover in the future. We are pretty open-minded so fire away! Oh, and we have our own twitter handle so follow us @bookversusmovie Namaste!
  • My newest giveaway! Author Beth Wareham is an eBook expert and a green smoothie fanatic who writes e-mails that make me snort through my nose and laugh like a hyena. This week she is offering one of her Skinny Green Smoothie eBooks as a giveaway to one of you lucky people. And because it is an eBook I can offer it worldwide! YES! If you have a Kindle or something electronic-ish to read things—you can win this book.

Now onto this week’s Vlog and giveaway details!


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{Just a note—Beth Wareham is not sponsoring this post and will contact the winner directly and set them up with their eBook.}

If you want to win three rolls of Skinny Green Smoothies featured in the Vlog above you must do the following (Continental United States only, please!)

  • Post a comment below (on this post) letting me know you are interested.
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