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Book vs. Movie Podcast

“Out of Sight”

Gritty Elmore Leonard Novel Vs. Sexy Stephen Soderbergh Film


The Margos are back with a new episode and in this one we talk about “Out of Sight”–the 1996 novel and the 1998 movie. We compare and contrast the two and decide which we liked better.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The life of the quirky author
  • Jennifer Lopez’ amazing acting
  • The excellent cast
  • Stephen Soderbergh’s ability to get great performances from his actors.
  • The changes from novel to script
  • Albert Brooks’ and his array of bad toupees

 Clips played:

  • George Clooney & Donna Frenzel “Bank Robbery Scene”
  • Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney and Ving Rhames “Jail Break Scene”
  • Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney “The Trunk Scene”
  • Jennifer Lopez “Hotel Lobby Scene”

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