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Book Vs. Movie Podcast Bonus ep

“The Mist” TV Series

Ep. 1 “Pilot”

Margo D. is co-hosting this series recap with Deana of the Twisted Philly podcast (Margo P. avoids the scary stuff!) We are excited to talk about Spike TV’s take on the Stephen King novella and really hope it will be cool! (Margo D. is still smarting after the dreadful “Under the Dome” effort.)

In this ep they discuss:

  • The backstory about the original novella and the 2007 movie which are considered classics.
  • How we see the story unfolding so far
  • What we like (and don’t like) about the first episode
  • The main characters and the actors playing them
  • How weirdly dated it feels
  • Hoping it gets better as the series progresses!

Guest Host Info:

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