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Not Fade Away Podcast

Ep 2: Aaliyah

Welcome to the second episode of the Not Fade Away podcast! This time we are getting to know R&B goddess Aaliyah who sadly passed away in 2001 and the age of 22. I am lucky enough to be friends with someone who worked for Aaliyah for several years–Michelle Cramer.

I invited Michelle over to talk about her time with the Hip Hop queen and am so thankful for her input. In this show we really get to know the sweet person who was so beloved by her family, peers and most of all her devoted fans. I really want to take a moment and thank her for being so generous with her memories. She really poured her heart out talking about her late friend. 

In this ep we discuss:

  • Aaliyah’s musical upbringing (she was related to Gladys Knight!)
  • Her insistence on  being a good role model to her fans.
  • The rather unfortunate rumors/truth about her relationship to R. Kelly.
  • Her rise to the top of the Billboard charts
  • The acting career that could have been.
  • Her professionalism and attitude about how she treated folks who worked with her.
  • The boys who had a crush on her.
  • The sad details about her death.

I do not own the music rights to her work so I use some news clips as well as Michelle’s interview to tell this story. If you like what you hear–please subscribe and leave a review. Also–send me a note via social media (@NotFadeAway) if you want to reach out.

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