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Not Fade Away Podcast

Ep 3:: John Belushi


Welcome to the episode three of the Not Fade Away podcast! Here we are getting to know the one and only John Belushi who was the godfather of my friend Kate Klenfner. (Really!) Kate offers some great insight and behind-the-scenes gossip about John and The Blues Brothers.

I am also helped in this show by some amazing talent including David the Producer and Juliette Miranda from the Unwriteable Rant podcast, Dana Buckler from How Is This Movie? Podcast, Deana Marie of the Twisted Philly podcast, Sean Cocca from the Childhood Remastered podcast, Nick from the Dependent Independent podcast, Chloe Levreault and Teresa Gunderson.

In this ep we discuss:

  • John’s first band and early taste for the limelight
  • His romance with Judy
  • His chaotic career with Saturday Night Live
  • The movies he loved and loathed to participate in
  • How quickly he descended into drug use
  • The origins of The Blues Brothers
  • The last few days of his life

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