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Stephen King Bonus Ep:”The Mist” Recap

Episode 10 “The 10th Meal”

Plus: Our “Top 5 Favorite Casts of a Stephen King Movie”


We have FINALLY arrived to the season finale of  Stephen King’s The Mist TV series and in this special bonus ep of the Book Vs. Movie podcast Margo D. and Deana of the Twisted Philly podcast give their final thoughts on the TV production plus, they choose their own “Top 5 Favorite Casts of a Stephen King Movie”

The podcast clip is at the bottom of this post but here are the basics of this week’s show:

Everything is at the mall and this is what happened:

  • Adrian (Russell Posner) tells Alex (Gus Birney) and Eve (Alyssa Sutherland)  that Jay  (Luke Cosgrove) raped her and he saw the proof at the hospital. All lies we know but he is now a full-on evil monster. He beats Jay with a paint can.
  • Everyone at the Mall is close to starving. Gus (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) the mall manager likes to hang out in his office and eat his secret stash of treats. He discusses the new mall ethos to Connor the cop (Darren Pettie) and wants to throw people out of the mall.
  • Kevin (Morgan Spector) makes it to the mall. Has a quick “hi & bye” with Mia and goes off to look for Alex and Eve.
  • Bryan/Jonah (Ozekie Morro) orders Wes (Greg Hovanssian) to let him out of his restraints and Wes does just that.
  • Gus wants to send Eve & Alex out to the mist and Jay is rescued.
  • Jay catches up with his father and Nathalie (Frances Conroy) she acts super weird and is clearly losing it. Dad wants to take him away and leave Alex & Eve behind.
  • Connor send his son into the Black Spring (The Mist) because he is either off and on a garbage person or a weak idiot.
  • The mall is very Lord of the Flies with guns and security guards run amok.
  • Kevin shows up in time to beat the crap out of Adrian in the hardware store.
  • JONAH (as he self-identifies now) wants to leave with Wes to find out what is going on at Arrowhead leaving Mia behind.
  • Back at the center of the mall Eve confesses in front of EVERYONE that Connor is really the father of Alex. (We both saw that a mile away. So why have them making out for all of these episodes?)
  • The group brings up Mrs Carmody and calls Eve a liar, a whore and a freak.
  • Kevin goes all agro and sets the store on fire.
  • Kevin joins Eve and Alex as they are being kicked out of the mall. He goes nuts and fights break out everywhere.
  • Gus aims a gun at them and sends the whole group away including Mia at this point.
  • They run through the parking lot and The Mist grabs Alex. Jay rescues her and then gets sucked in himself.
  • Vic (Erik Knudsen) has the car.
  • Kevin decides to back up said car into the mall front doors allowing The Mist to take over the mall. Connor leaves with them.
  • Nathalie reunites with her dead husband and a ghost baby nurses on her teet which eventually kills Nathalie.
  • Kevin’s crew comes upon a train. The army is throwing people out of it into The Mist!! They are feeding The Mist with people!
  • Final question from me–they had enough money to purchase the rights to Lou Reed’s Perfect Day but did not invest in better writing or story structure?

And that is it for episode 10–the season finale!

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