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Stephen King Bonus Ep:”The Mist” Recap

Episode 9 “The Waking Dream”

Plus: Our “Top 5 Most Wanted Stephen King Reboots”

It’s time to recap episode 9 of  Stephen King’s The Mist TV series and in this special bonus ep of the Book Vs. Movie podcast Margo D. and Deana of the Twisted Philly podcast offer their weekly recap of the Spike TV production plus, they choose their own “Top 5 Most Wanted Stephen King Reboots.”

The podcast clip is at the bottom of this post but here are the basics of this week’s show:


The Car:

Bryan/Jonah (Ozekie Morro) Mia (Danica Curcic) and Adrian (Russell Posner) are in the car and Adrian tells the story about how he became a psycho (all kinds of bullies and dad stuff here.)

Running around Brigdon, Maine:

Kevin (Morgan Spector) is not dead and Vic (Erik Knudsen) is redeeming himself by saving him. (I like Vic in this episode!) They decide to go from house to house to gather supplies as they head out to the mall. At one such house they find dead Arrowhead soldiers.

They are chased by a guy with a gun and Vic knocks him out. Well not really, the guy pulls a grenade and blows himself up.  Out of the ashes Kevin is confronted with all kinds of weirdness as The Mist comes into the room. All of the people he has killed are showing up and he is eventually confronted with his own image carrying a bat!

Kevin then kills…Kevin #2.

He and Vic head out in an army vehicle to the mall.

The Mall:

Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) is holding Jay  (Luke Cosgrove) hostage and he asks why bother if  isn’t ultimately going to let him live. They have a back and forth about the rape and she mentions his father being a total creep.

Gus (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) blames Alex (Gus Birney) for killing Shelly knowing full well he is lying. The mall peeps turn into an angry mob and want to head out to find Alex and kill her.–by hanging. Because she is “evil.”  But Gus thinks they should just send her out into The Mist instead (forgetting that she is immune to it.)

The gang from the car are now at the mall with no idea what is happening there. Adrian tells Alex and Eve that Kevin is dead and is putting on a real show about it. Alex really becomes upset about this news and Eve is trying to stay strong. Adrian claims his father killed Kevin.

The mall villagers are taking their tiki torches (so to speak) to look for Alex.  

Eve, Alex, Jay and Adrian get locked up together. Adrian looks mighty pissed at how happy she is to see Jay.

Bryan/Jonah and Mia are staying in the camping store and she gives her back story about her awful boyfriend that she left.  Mia wants to run away with him after the whole Mist thing gets resolved. However, we need to learn his backstory first.

Bryan/Jonah is looking for supplies and someone recognizes him. His name is Wes (Greg Hovanssian) and they get into a skirmish. Wes ties him up and then salutes him so basically Bryan/Jonah is in charge–we are to assume. But who knows?

The Sewer:

Nathalie (Frances Conroy) and Connor the cop (Darren Pettie) are having a fun time heading to the mall whilst underground. There is a couple (Trevor and Ursula) with them and you know they won’t make it. (Easter egg about the rats and Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift short stories.)

Trevor breaks his leg and Nathalie is all “bye Felicia!” and says they need to abandon him. Ursula attempts to save her husband’s life and Connor kills her. Then rats show up and eat the couple.

Nathalie and Connor have a weird Mother Nature moment involving caresses and a rat. They head to the mall.

And that is it for episode 9!

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