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Book Vs Movie Podcast Redo


For all of you who have told us that “the book is always better the the movie,” get ready to eat crow!

The Book Vs. Movie podcast takes on (again!) the 1975 classic movie Jaws as well as the truly not-so-great 1974 novel from the otherwise very thoughtful author (and shark supporter) Peter Benchley. We covered this topic two years ago but our old ways of recording thing leaves quite a bit to be desired so we decided to take it on again. (Besides, who doesn’t love watching Jaws for the hundredth time?)

In this ep the Margos talk about Peter Benchley’s background, his inspiration for the novel, how Cosmopolitan magazine is responsible for it becoming a film and as much much gossip and behind-the-scenes trivia we can muster about the incredible Stephen Spielberg classic.  

In this episode we discuss:

  • Peter and his wife Wendy who years after Jaws came out, became advocates for sharks and the waters that harbor them.
  • The trials and tribulations Spielberg went through to get his movie made.
  • The tension between Richard Dreyfus and Robert Shaw
  • How the summer blockbuster changed movies forever
  • Inspired by Robert Shaw’s USS Indianapolis speech, an 11-year old boy named Hunter Scott began his own investigation of the disaster and exonerated the captain’s name (You can get his book Left For Dead at Amazon.)

Clips used:

Peter Benchley talks about regretting the demonization of sharks

Jaws TV trailer

Quint (Robert Shaw) “I will find your fish” and “U.S.S. Indianapolis”

Except from the Jaws audiobook

Outro Music: “Mr. Jaws by Dickie Goodman

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