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Stephen King Bonus Mini Ep

“Gerald’s Game”

The 1992 Novel Vs. The 2017 Netflix Adaptation



Hooray for another Stephen King bonus ep and yippee for all of us that Deana Marie of the Twisted Philly podcast is joining in for the fun, breezy discussion about a book that one of us likes WAY more than the other and the really cool Netflix adaptation!

Margo & Deana talk about their personal feelings about the source material and how it differs from the Mike Flanagan screenplay and direction that is available on Netflix. Plus, trivia about Viagra, the first movie that actor Carel Struycken appeared in and Margo’s confusion over the ending.

In this episode the Margo & Deana discuss:

  • Mike Flanagan’s long journey to bring “Gerald’s Game” to the screen
  • Big differences between the novel’s depiction of the “degloving” and how the film handles the graphic scene
  • The deal with the “Moonlight Man” and what he represents for Jessie.
  • The excellent performances by the entire cast
  • Book Vs Movie–which did Margo & Deana prefer?


Clips used:

Gerald’s Game trailer

Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood arguing about her predicament.

Carla Gugino and Carel Struycken final scene

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

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