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Gone Girl

The Gillian Flynn Hit Novel Vs. The David Fincher Film


The Margos take on one of the most contested and debated films of the past books AND movies of the last few years– Gone Girl. If there was ever a story that was picked apart, praised, maligned and worshipped more than the 2012 novel by Gillian Flynn we have yet to hear about it.

Do you love the adventures of “Amazing Amy” Dunne and her husband Nick or do you find them irritating? How believable is the basic plot? Is Amy a sociopath or just a woman scorned? People have all kinds of opinions and the Margos are no different talking about the book and film directed by the always interesting David Fincher. (This is our third Fincher movie after we have covered Fight Club and The Social Network in previous eps.)


Some of the highlights from this discussion:

  • The casting of the leads including Rosamund Pike (Amy Dunne) and Ben Affleck (Nick Dunne)
  • Gillian Flynn’s background in magazine writing and how she adapted her own book into a screenplay
  • The insanely complicated plot (and how much it relies on the suspension of disbelief)
  • Big changes between book and movie
  • The creepy score by Trent Reznor

Audio clips:

  • Gone Girl  trailer
  • The interrogation scene between Nick Dunn, Detective Boney (Kim Dickens) and Officer Gilpin (Patrick Fugit)
  • Amy announces she is alive
  • Saved by Zero  The Fixx

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