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Stephen King Bonus Ep

“Silver Bullet”

The 1983 Novel Vs. The 1986 Cult Classic Movie


Get your 80s on with another amazing Stephen King bonus ep as we are lucky to have Patrick Bromley of the F This Movie podcast join us once again.Patrick is not only a big-time Stephen King fan but he actually owns a copy of the original  Cycle of the Werewolf (woot!)

Margo D. & Patrick have a blast talking about the amazing movie and its journey as a pet project of producer Dino DeLaurentis to Gary Busey’s amazing ad-libbed performance.

In this episode the Margo & Patrick discuss:

  • Key differences between the novella and movie
  • Choices made by first time director Daniel Attius
  • The ridiculous werewolf costume and what the director should have done with the last scene
  • Our favorite performances in the film
  • The outstanding artwork in the novella by the late, great Bernie Wrightson
  • How incredibly wrong Margo D. was to laugh at Patrick’s fondness for the movie

Clips used:

Silver Bullet trailer

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult


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