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The Classic 1938 Novel by Daphne du Maurier Vs. the 1940 Film

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

The Margos are dreaming about Manderley in this listener-suggested episode–Rebecca. The Daphne du Maurier 1938 novel which was a bestseller at the time and has never been out of print. In 1940–Alfred Hitchcock adapted it as his first American feature.  (You can watch it on YouTube!)

Du Maurier is a fascinating subject as she was a cousin of the Llewelyn Davies boys who were the object of the obsession of J.M. Barrie–the creator of Peter Pan. The Margos talk about her love of Cornwall, England, her distaste for small talk and how her marriage resembled the one featured in Rebecca.

The book & movie are both considered classics and we have all of the tidbits, trivia and behind the scenes gossip.  Get ready for a gothically good time!

In this episode the Margos discuss :

  • Du Maurier’s backstory (and rumors about her plagiarizing materials)
  • The main plot of book & movie (and how they differ)
  • The style (and temper) of Alfred Hitchcock
  • The casting of the movie including Sir Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, Judith Anderson and George Sanders
  • The gay subtext in the movie
  • The different endings between book and movie

Clips Featured:

  • Rebecca  trailer  
  • “Mrs. de Winter” (Joan Fontaine) meets Mrs. Danvers (Judith Anderson)
  • Mrs. Danvers and Rebecca’s nightgown
  • Maxim de Winter (Laurence Olivier) confesses her never loved his late wife
  • “Theme to Rebecca Franz Waxman


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