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Hey there, Neighbors! Get ready for a rec-heavy episode, with recs for TV, podcasts, old & new, books, reality TV, social media, comedy, you name it. Margo recommends a podcast entitled “Behind the Bastards,” -guess what that’s about? And Erin goes old-school, with two vintage This American Life episodes, as well as a new book-related show. Real Housewives of NYC still delivers like Domino’s (Fave moment this week, when Luann said, “Lay low, DICK!” talking about her tom-cattin’ Ex-, Tom.) Both Neighbors love Michelle Wolff’s new Netflix show, The Break, and Marg has a couple of great people to follow on Instagram. And of course, they have to weigh in on the whole Roseanne controversy, even tho they called it many months ago. So many things to do–thank goodness it’s (almost) summer!

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