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Book Vs Movie

Jurassic Park

The 1990 nonfiction by the legendary author, director, and producer Michael Crichton

Vs the 1993 Steven Spielberg Blockbuster Film

Bring on the special, practical effects (with little CGI, please) because the Margos redo one of their more polarizing takes on a project created by two world-class geniuses–Michael Crichton and his good friend Steven Spielberg. Amazingly, Crichton came up with the original concept in the early 1980s and it took several drafts to create the novel that would be known as Jurassic Park.

At the time (1990) it was a publishing sensation, and Steven Spielberg was smart enough to grab the rights at $2 million. The film, which came out in June 1993, was a mega hit right from the start and it remains a cable TV staple to this day.

So between the book and movie–which did the Margos like better? Guys–it ain’t even close here. Check out the link below to hear our take on both.

In this ep the Margos discuss :

  • The fascinating life story of Michael Crichton
  • The friendship between him and director Steven Spielberg
  • The annoying kids featured in the book (Ugh–the dialog is brutal!)
  • The cast of the movie including Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Sir Richard Attenborough.
  • The box office records the movie broke
  • Plus, tons of trivia and tidbits

Clips Featured:

  • News clip from KTVU-TV (San Francisco) the day the movie opened
  • Jurassic Park  trailer
  • The first sight of the dinosaurs
  • “Lexi” (Ariana Richards) and “Tim” (Joseph Mozello) meet the T-Rex  
  • “The blood-sucking lawyer (Martin Ferrero) approves”
  • The kids in the kitchen with the Raptors (the importance of sound design in this film)
  • Outro Music “Jurassic Park Theme” John Williams

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