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“Thank You for Smoking” (Replay)

The 1994 Satirical Novel by Christopher Buckley Vs. Jason Reitman’s Directorial Debut


The Margos get all satirical in this smokey ep talking about all things talking about “Thank You for Smoking.” (Well–while Margo P. was fighting laryngitis!)

This episode originally aired in February 2017 and we figured because of the big election coming up–it was a good time to release a Washington D.C centric ep. Enjoy!

In this ep they discuss:

  • The background of author Christopher Buckley
  • The differences between the 1994 novel & the 2006 film
  • Our favorite performances
  • The Margos personal experiences with smoking
  • Margo P’s illness
  • The amazing Rob Lowe and Aaron Eckhart
  • Katie Holmes’ and Aaron Eckhart’s love scene and if Tom Cruise enforced some editing
  • The LACK of smoking in the film
  • How much damn smoking that used to be a part of our world.

Audio Clips:

  • Tex Williams: Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!
  • The “MOD Squad” Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello and David Koechner
  • “Father and Son” Aaron Eckhart and Cameron Bright
  • “Jeff Megall Scene” Rob Lowe, Aaron Eckhart and Adam Brody

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