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Book Vs Movie (Replay)

Act Like a Lady. Think Like a Man

The 2009 Self-Help Book from Comedian Steve Harvey Vs the 2012 Movie

With Special Guest Kristen Meinzer of the By the Book podcast

Hey BVMers! The Margos are trying their first self-help book, Steve Harvey’s Think Like a Lady. Act Like a Man (2009) along with our special guest this week–Kristen Meinzer of the By the Book podcast. Let’s just say this, for self-identifying feminists –this book was a challenge to get through. 

Harvey is a man with a dozen different jobs including the Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show and as host of the Family Feud. His premise is that dozens of women over the years called into his show to ask for advice on their heterosexual relationships (he is very “traditional”) and he wanted to offer them the best tips for how women can manage their men. 

It involves not giving up “the cookie” for 90s days and basically be happy taking on most of the emotional labor in any relationship you have with a “good man.” (And if be misbehave–maybe YOU did something wrong?)

The movie (Think Like a Man directed by Tim Story) follows the story of several beautiful women who need Steve’s help to figure out their relationships. It’s filled with beautiful people. 

So between the book and the movie–which did we like better? Click the link at the bottom to find out. 

In this ep the Margos and Kristen discuss:

    • Steve Harvey’s life as a comic and thrice-married person and pondering why anyone would ask him for dating tips? 
    • The different types of relationship books released in the last twenty years that caught the American imagination 
    • The biggest differences between the book and movie 
    • Our favorite scenes from the movie

Clips Featured:

    • Think Like a Man trailer
    • Different types of men featured in the movie (as described by Kevin Hart)

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