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Book Vs Movie 

The Big Sleep

Raymond Chandler’s Novel Vs the Bogie/Bacall Classic Film

The Margos are both working from home these days so we have some extra time to devote to the show. Meaning–a new episode each week for the foreseeable future. (Huzzah!)

This episode is devoted to Raymond Chandler and one of his best-known novels–The Big Sleep. This is the first novel to feature Detective Philip Marlowe and this story is filled with witty lines, nefarious people and double-crossing aplenty. If you are under the impression that this story will be slow and/or easy to understand because it was created almost 100 years ago–guess again. This is one of the most complicated plots we have tried to explain on this show and that is saying something!

The film was directed by Howard Hawks and features a script by William Faulkner and Leigh Brackett. We talk about all of the film trivia we can get our hands on and the incredible performances. So, if you are looking for differences between book & movie, click on the link below and listen! 

In this ep the Margos discuss:

    • The life of Raymond Chandler
    • The popularity of detective stories and film noir in the 1940s
    • How Chandler created the novel out of several short stories
    • The tension between Hawkes, Bogart & Bacall
    • The unusual number of retakes created a year after the film was first made

Clips Featured:

    • The Big Sleep  trailer
    • Bogart & Bacall talking about “horses”
    • Bogart & the Book Shop Proprietress
    • Bogart & Martha Vickers scene
    • Bogart & Bacall last scene
    • Outro music And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (Music by Stan Kenton & Charles Lawrence. Lyrics by Joe Green. Sung by Lauren Bacall)

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