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Saturday Night Fever

Based on a short story in New York magazine, the 1977 movie is dissected in this special episode 

The Margos are suffering from a case of “Night Fever” and the only sure is taking a deep dive into one of the most successful films of the 1970s–Saturday Night Fever. The film was directed by John Badham and stars John Travolta in his first Academy-Award nominated performance as an actor. 

The idea for the film comes from an article from New York magazine in 1976 “Tribal Rights of the New Saturday Night” by reporter Nik Cohn. At the time, Cohn said it was based on a real group of people from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. In fact, it turns out he pretty much made up the whole thing. The story of “Vincent” a teenage dance phenom who is just trying to earn and living and forget about living in a working-class neighborhood caught the eyes of Hollywood and a screenplay was created as a starring vehicle for Travolta who was seen by millions every week on the ABC-TV hit sitcom Welcome Back Kotter.

Badham inherited the movie two weeks filming was supposed to start without film locations set and without the role of Stephanie filled. We have so much behind the scenes gossip and trivia here to talk about in addition to the fabulous soundtrack! (The Bee Gees at their finest!) 

Between the article and film–which did the Margos like better? (Is it even going to be close?) 

In this ep the Margos discuss:

  • How Nik Cohn came to writing the article for New York magazine
  • How the film overcame so many obstacles to become a classic 
  • How the dancing was received 
  • The incredible music! 
  • The cast which includes: John Travolta (Tony Monero,) Karen Lynn Gorney (Stephanie,) Barry Miller (Bobby C.,) Joseph Cali (Joey,) Paul Pape (Double J,) Donna Pescow (Annette,) Martin Skakar (Frank Jr.,) and Fran Drescher (Connie.)

Clips Featured:

  • Saturday Night Fever trailer
  • Tony and his family “You Hit My Hair’
  • Tony’s brother leaves the priesthood
  • Fran Drescher’s film debut
  • Tony and Connie on the dance floor
  • Outro music: “You Should Be Dancing” The Bee Gees (from the movie scene)

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