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What a Creep: Alex Kelly

Season 12, Episode 9

“The Preppy Rapist” 

Alex Kelly was considered a golden boy in his hometown of Darien, CT. Born to a wealthy family and growing up in a peak New England fancy neighborhood (meaning rich & white) he was good-looking, athletic, and popular.  That all changed in February 1986 when the HS senior was arrested for suspicion of two rapes of girls in the span of four days.  The Dairen police and district attorney decided to charge and try him for both at the same time which worried his family that he was being railroaded.

So Alex decided to take off for parts unknown rather than face the consequences. Nine years later he was caught and brought back to trial. His story is bat shit insane and remains so to this day.  He was dubbed “The Preppy Rapist” by the media much like Robert Chambers in 1986 was called “The Preppy Killer” for the killing of Jennifer Levin. The media works overtime to make white men likable. UGH!

Trigger Warnings are sexual assault and delayed justice.

Our sources are:

This episode’s Not a Creep: Chanel Miller

Know My Name” (book)

I Am With You” (Animated short film) 

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