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“Devil in a Blue Dress” TriStar Pictures 1995

Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) TriStar Pictures

Book Vs. Movie Devil in a Blue Dress listen here!

Walter Mosely’s 1990 Novel Vs the 1995 Denzel Washington Film

In continuation of African American History Month, the Margos are taking on an old-fashioned mystery with Devil in a Blue Dress, which started as a novel by Walter Mosley & later was adapted into a film starring Denzel Washington.  

The setting is post WW2 in Los Angeles where army veteran Ezekial “Easy” Rawlins (Washington) Easy is a black man dealing with the racism of the era which was more overt. He is assigned by a man named DeWitt Adams to find a white woman, Daphne Monet, who is fascinated by jazz music and black culture. 

Along the way, several people associated with Easy wind up dead and the Mayor’s office seems to be in on it. Who is Daphne and what secrets does she keep? 

Between the original story and the 1995 adaptation–which did we prefer? 

In this ep the Margos discuss:

Clips used:

  • Easy Rawlins speaks
  • Devil in a Blue Dress trailer
  • Don Cheadle as Mouse
  • Terry Kinney as Todd Carter
  • Jennifer Beales as Daphne Monet
  • Tom Sizemore as DeWitt Albright
  • Music by T-Bone Walker “West Side Baby” 

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