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with special guest Kristen Meinzer “By the Book” & Romance Road Test”

The Farewell (2019) Lulu Wang, Awkwafina (Special Guest Kristen Meinzer By the Book) – Book Vs Movie Podcast

Book Vs. Movie: The Farewell The Lulu Wang Story from NPR’s This American Life & the 2019 Film The Margos have a special guest for this episode devoted to an NPR story by writer/director Lulu Wang.

Book Vs. Movie: The Farewell

The Lulu Wang Story from NPR’s This American Life & the 2019 Film

The Margos have a special guest for this episode devoted to an NPR story by writer/director Lulu Wang. Kristen Meinzer (co-host of the By the Book & Romance Road Test podcasts) is a return guest who wanted not only to talk about her new shows but also to share one of her recent favorite films, which is an adaptation of a true story contribution by Wang she shared with This American Life in 2016 (episode 585: In Defense of Ignorance.)  

In her audio essay called What You Don’t Know, Wang’s family deals with the news that her grandmother has terminal cancer by not telling her she is sick but rather all coming together in China under the guise of a lie. That they are there for a marriage. It’s a hilarious and heartwarming story about what true love means and cultural respect. We won’t give away the ending, but it will surely find a place in your heart! 

Rakuten Kobo sponsors this particular episode. They want to introduce our listeners to Canadian-Chinese romance author Jackie Lau who has just her newest work, the sexy, funny, and unconventional The Unmatchmakers

From the author of DONUT FALL IN LOVE comes a perfect summer love story set in the forested paradise of Canadian cottage country that asks the question: Can love beat the odds when the odds are two mothers dead-set against it? (This book has Canada-core down! Tim Horton’s coffee, butter tarts, kayaks….)


You’d think my mother would be trying to set me up with architect Neil Choy, the unmarried son of her best friend. But you’d be wrong.

My single mother has always been fiercely independent. Since I was a small child, she’s always told me not to believe in fairy tales and that I don’t need a man. So she’s failed to mention that Neil is a total hottie in glasses. When I see him on a multi-family cottage vacation for the first time in a decade, I’m in for quite a shock. (I nearly fall in the lake, but let’s keep that a secret.)

He sure can grill a mean steak and mix a killer cocktail, plus he’s pretty impressive in a kayak. Yes, he’s a little stern and grumpy, but that just makes him more fun to tease—and makes it more satisfying when he quirks his lips in my direction.

Even though my mind is spinning romantic fantasies, I’m not entirely sure how he feels. And I’m afraid that if anything happens between us, it’ll screw up the friendship between our staunchly anti-relationship mothers. Especially since they’ve been acting increasingly weird since we arrived—I will never forgive them for the S’mores Incident. I think they’re trying to sabotage my love life, and I’m starting to worry that I won’t make it through this bizarre summer vacation…

About the Author

Jackie Lau is a biracial, Asian-Canadian author specializing in contemporary romantic comedies in Toronto/Ontario. The main characters of her books are usually of Asian heritage and often include interracial couples. Jackie has a background in engineering and geophysics and has written many main characters who work in STEM. 

Follow her at #AsianRomCom Twitter/Instagram @JackieLauBooks


The Unmatchmakers is available as an eBook and audiobook through Kobo and across our global storefronts.

The title is available for Canadian readers under Kobo Plus, our all-you-can-read eBook subscription. It starts with a 30-day free trial, meaning that readers who haven’t started their subscription yet can begin their trial and read it for free (alongside hundreds of thousands of other eBooks). For those who are already Kobo Plus subscribers, this title is available in the catalog and ready to be read!

In this ep, the Margos discuss:

  • Lulu Wang’s story and the changes she made to film
  • The Chinese tradition of family members keeping medical information secret 
  • The process of filming on location
  • The cast: Awkwafina (Billi Wang,) Tzi Ma (Haiyan Wang,) Diana Lin (Lu Jian,) Zhao Shu-zhen (Nai Nai,) Lu Hong (playing herself,) Aoi Mizuhara (Aiko,) Zhang Jing (Yuping,) Li Xiang (Aunty Ling,) Yang Xuejian (Mr. Li,) and Jim Liu as Dr. Song. 

Clips used:

  •  The doctor explains in English what is happening to Nai Nai 
  • The Farewell  trailer
  • Billi wants to stay in China
  • Billi and her mother talk about grief
  • The different music at the wedding
  • Music by Alex Weston

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