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I have been on a publicity tour promoting Filmed in Brooklyn (in case you haven’t noticed!), and I wanted to thank the writers, podcasters, and reporters who made me feel warm and welcome. Please be sure to follow them!

Link here for the full article: 

Thank you, Elizabeth Hazard, of Book and Film Globe, for the interview! Also, to the editor/host, Neal Pollack of the Book and Film Globe Podcast for having me on their show (episode #078)

Listen here 

In it, we discuss:

  • Spike Lee as the “King of Brooklyn” cinema
  • John Travolta filming Saturday Night Fever at the height of his TV fame
  • Wayne Wang and Paul Auster teaming up for 1995’s Smoke and Blue in the Face
  • How I pulled the book together 
  • The French Connection’s infamous chase scene
  • My podcasts and new book!

Here are a few images from my book for your viewing pleasure!

“The Sentinel house” Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights

“Coney Island at Dusk”

Lenny’s Pizza “Saturday Night Fever”

“Do the Right Thing Way” Bedford Stuyvesent  

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