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I have been on a publicity tour promoting Filmed in Brooklyn (in case you haven’t noticed!), and I wanted to thank the writers, podcasters, and reporters who made me feel warm and welcome. Please be sure to follow them!

Thank you, Katya and Jenny, of The Animal That Changed You podcast, for having me on to talk about “The Intuitive Nature of Our Pets.” Anytime I am offered the opportunity to talk about the origin story of my cats, Sweet Sarah and T, I will grab it! (They are the cutest kitties in Brooklyn!) 

Listen here 

In it, we discuss:

  • How I grew up thinking I wasn’t a “cat person”
  • How I found my girls Sweet Sarah & T
  • T’s health issues and how I learned to “throw love at the problem” 
  • How Sweet Sarah took care of me during a crisis
  • Why I believe animals can heal us
  • My podcasts and new book!

You can listen to the full episode at this link:

Here are a few images of my girls for your viewing pleasure!

Margo Donohue

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