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Book Vs. Movie: Freaky Friday

The Mary Rogers Children’s Classic Vs. the 1976 & 2003 Disney Adaptations

Freaky Friday(1976 & 2003) Jodie Foster, Barbara Harris, Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Cutis, Mary Rodgers – Book Vs Movie Podcast

Book Vs. Movie: Freaky Friday The Mary Rogers Children’s Classic Vs. the 1976 & 2003 Disney Adaptations In December (because we have covered just about every holiday-themed Christmas, New Year, Than

In December (because we have covered just about every holiday-themed Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and Hannukah film we can find)! The Margos turn our attention to all things Disney, and this year we begin with the classic Freaky Friday by Mary Rogers, which has been adapted a few times since its 1972 publication.  

Rogers, whose father was composer Richard Rogers, had a full career as a composer, screenwriter, and children’s novelist with successes on stage like Once Upon a Mattress which ran on Broadway in 1959 and later toured the world. In 1972 she contributed to the Marlo Thomas album Free to Be You and Me (William’s Doll) before completing Freaky Friday. 

The story of 13-year-old Annabel Andrews, who switches bodies with her mother only to discover being a parent is much harder than it looks. Annabell finds out her father is sexist and runs her mother ragged with demands on home life. Ultimately, she discovers that it was her mother the whole time who caused the body switch to show Annabel that she has her best interests in mind. 

The 1976 film stars Jodie Foster as Annabel and Barbara Harris as her mother, Ellen, with a screenplay by Rogers. One big difference is that the movie takes place in California versus New York City. Oh, and the racism casually featured in the book. (It’s a big yikes there!) It was a huge hit that garnered several Golden Globes Awards nominations. 

In 1995, Shelly Long and Gaby Hoffman lead in the second adaptation. The 2003 film stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan and was a huge hit that is problematic in today’s view. 

So between them all–which did we like better? Have a listen to find out!

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In this ep the Margos discuss:

  • The interesting life of the author Mary Rogers
  • The casual racism in the story and how it differs from the various adaptation
  • Which version do we like best?
  • The 1976 cast Jodie Foster (Annabel,) Barbara Harris (Ellem,) John Astin (Bill,) Patsy Kelly (Mrs. Schmauss,) Dick Van Patten (Harold Jennings,) Sorrell Booke (Mr. Dilk,) and Sparky Marcus as Ben.   
  • The 2003 cast Jamie Lee Curtis (Tess Coleman,) Lindsy Lohan (Anna Coleman,) Harold Gould (Alan Coleman,) Chad Michael Murray (Jake,)  Rosalind Chao (Pei Pei,) Mark Harmon (Ryan,) Stephen Tobolowsky (Mr. Elton Bates,) and Willie Garson as Evan.

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