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What a Creep

Season 18, Episode 5

Chris D’Elia, Charles Dickens, & Can’t Stop the Music

Comedian Kyle Anderson posted on YouTube a one-hour takedown of Chris D’Elia, who is turning into a modern-day Bill Cosby.

We have talked about D’Elia before, as he has been credibly accused of harassing minors and being generally gross to women who interact with him. But this is awful. Trigger warning: Sexual Assault and Coercive Control. Some of his comedy pals have been accused of sexual assault as well, and we have heard from survivors of their abuse privately. 

Before we get to our main subject of this episode ( a replay from December 2020), Charles Dickens, we will talk about a NON-Creep who needs our help. 

Actress Valerie Perrine is fighting Parkinson’s Disease and needs help with her medical expenses and care. The 79-year-old is best known for her roles in Superman (1978,) Lenny (1974), Slaughterhouse-Five (1972), and finally, Can’t Stop the Music, which also stars The Village People, Caitlyn Jenner, and was directed by Nancy Walker

Here is the link for her “Go Fund Me” page:

Now on to our replay ep:

Charles Dickens is one of the most successful authors of the 19th Century who attracted a rock star-like following around the world for his dramatic readings. He is considered as close to Father Christmas as any man has ever been and was a champion of working-class people and liberal causes.

His work influenced writers for several generations, including Willkie Collins, Jules Verne, Gorge Orwell, Roald Dahl, and Jonathan Nolan (screenwriter for The Dark Knight.)

He was also a massive creep to several vital women in his life, which is what we will focus on today. 

Trigger warnings: Shitty husbands

Sources for this episode include:

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