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Book Vs Movie

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The Anita Loos 1925 novel Vs the 1953 Howard Hawkes classic film 

The Margos are heading back to the 50s (well, really the 20s if you want to be technical about it!) Gentleman Prefer Blondes was first published in 1925 by Anita Loos in Harper’s Bazaar magazine as a serial. The book itself was so popular at the time that Edith Wharton dubbed it “the Great American Novel” considering it came out the same year as Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby–that is incredible praise. 

The story itself is a simple tale about a “professional lady” making her way in the world trying to nab a wealthy suitor. Lorelei Lee is a blonde flapper from Little Rock, Arkansas and men can’t help but so attracted to her she winds up getting whatever she wished for in life. 

Dorothy Shaw is Lorelei’s best friend and has her own romantic struggles (one of them being a brunette which makes her work harder to get men to pay attention to her.)

The movie was directed by Howard Hawkes and stars Jane Russell as Dorothy and Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei. It was a huge hit in 1953 and the stars got along famously. It’s considered a classic musical and pre-feminist statement. 

Between the novella and Howard Hawkes film–which did the Margos like better? (Is it even going to be close?) 

In this ep the Margos discuss:

Clips Featured:

  • Lorelei is accused of stealing in Paris
  • Gentleman Prefer Blondes trailer
  • Lorelei and Dorothy meet Henry Spofford
  • Lady Beekman (Norma Varden) shows Lorelei her tiara
  • Outro music: “Is There Anyone Here for Love” Jane Russell

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