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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

The Muriel Spark Novel Vs the 1969 Maggie Smith Film

The Margos are celebrating September with a series of “Back to School” episodes starting with 1961 classic The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark. Brodie is a popular teacher at a girls’ school in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1931. Each year she picks a group of students to be an elite part of the “Brodie set”–under her tutelage learning mostly about the arts & beauty (and not science!)

Brodie is single and considers herself at her “prime” with two gentlemen vying for her affection. Mr. Lloyd who is a painter, father of six, and a bit of a letch. Mr. Lowther is a kind person but a bit wishy-washy. The competition for her attention and affection marks their relationships and is a game the girls enjoy watching. 

Turns out Brodie is a Fascist which is her ultimate undoing. The complicated story about education and mentorship is an indictment on giving one person too much power over a young mind. 

The 1969 movie was not a huge hit at the time but when Dame Maggie Smith won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1970, it went back into the theaters and became a classic. 

There are many changes between the book & the film. Which did the Margos like more? 

In this ep the Margos discuss:

  • The interesting life story of Muriel Spark
  • The central characters and how they differ in the adaptation 
  • The moral quandary of liking Maggie Smith and despising Brodie
  • The cast including Maggie Smith (Brodie,) Robert Stephens (Teddy Llloyd,) Pamela Franklin (Sandy,) Gordon Jackson (Gordon Lowther,) Celia Johnson (Miss Mackay,) Diane Grayson (Jenny,) Jane Carr (Mary McGregor,) and Shirley Steedman (Monica.) 

Clips Featured:

  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie  trailer
  • Miss Brodie confronts Miss Mackay
  • Sandy confront Miss Brodie
  • Miss Brodie shows her vacation slides
  • Music: “Jean” by Rod McKuen

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